What will I bring on my initial consultation ?

Previous lab results and medical records (if any) List of current medications and supplements Answered patient’s questionnaire

What are the fees I need to pay for ?

Supplements are available in our office (priced individually) Receipts will be provided which can be used for you health insurance and at the end of the year for income tax purposes. - Ozone injection (if recommended) - Ozone IV infusion Follow up visit Initial visit

What type of payment do we accept?

Cash Debit Visa/Mastercard Check

What will I do next after my initial visit ?

You need to secure an appointment schedule for your next visit with the office. You need to complete the requested laboratory tests prior to your next visit. Usually your lab results come in after 4-7 working days. Special lab test results require more time to be processed (2 weeks or more). Copies of your laboratory results and other investigations will be provided to you on your next visit. If an IV treatment is recommended, you need to coordinate with the office.